The NBA Playoffs So Far

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I think the best series in the playoffs has been Rockets vs Trail Blazers. Three of the four games have gone to overtime, with massive swing plays deciding each one in the closing minutes. This series has everything: great finishes, unlikely heroes, stars and plenty of twists and turns. The chemistry between Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge is unbelievable. They play extremely well together and have been able to lead their team to victory. Aldridge had two 40 plus point games to start the series. Troy Daniels, who was in the D-league 2 weeks ago, hit the game winning shot for the Rockets in game 3. I think the Wizards have been the biggest surprise in the playoffs so far. The Wizards have the scoring, size, shooting and athleticism needed to be a major contender in the East. What they lacked was consistency. Now, they’re showing it. To me, Roy Hibbert has been the biggest disappointment of the playoffs. After being considered a leading candidate for Defensive Player of the Year for much of the season, Hibbert has been a liability during the Pacers’ series against the Hawks. He has only nine rebounds in his past 68 minutes played and Indiana is floundering along with him as it’s tied 2-2 against a Hawks team that couldn’t even manage to play .500 ball during the regular season. Aldridge has been the MVP so far. His offensive domination of the Rockets in the first two games gave the Blazers a stranglehold on the series. And while the Rockets slowed him in Game 3, Aldridge responded with another terrific performance in Game 4, particularly on the defensive end where he came up with four blocks, two being potential game-savers.

Aldridge dribbles against the defender Photo by Troy Taormina
Aldridge dribbles against the defender
Photo by Troy Taormina

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