Top Free Agent Wide Receivers Available

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Sidney Rice is a great all around receiver. Rice is an effective jump-ball threat when healthy.  When healthy, Rice is a great route runner with an amazing catch radius—he doesn’t need the pass to be perfect to haul it in. He is coming off a torn ACL but he’s an athletic player with great on-field smarts. He’s not a slot receiver, but could come in at the flanker position and contribute in three-receiver sets. He’d be a bit of a flyer thanks to his injury history, but he’s only 27.  There’s plenty of time for him to bounce back to the level he was in 2012 at the very least.

This video is found at this youtube channel

Since moving to the New York Jets, however, Santonio Holmes has been a borderline starter, at best. Holmes’ glory days are most likely behind him, however.  Holmes is 30 years old, so the odds of him bouncing back to the level he played at when he was 25 is asking a lot. He used to be one of the best in the league with his 1,200-yard  season in 2009 and his deep-threat ability in his first few seasons on the Steelers and he still shows his ability to make plays even at an older age.

This video is found at this youtube channel

Jason Avant is 31 years old, and his best seasons are likely behind him.  Even in his younger days, Avant usually wasn’t talented enough to be a regular starter; he’s only started 53 games in his career, despite playing in 116. He still has great hands, though, catching 65 percent of the passes thrown his way. At this point in free agency, no player is perfect.



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