Desean Jackson to the Redskins

Desean Jackson was recently dropped by the Philadelphia Eagles despite posting career highs with 82 receptions for 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns last season in coach Chip Kelly’s high-revving offense. They dropped him mainly because of his poor attitude and his believed gang affiliation. Desean has denied all affiliations to gangs but has accepted that he has to move on now. Only a couple days later he signed with Washington Redskins. Quarter back RGIII seems to be very happy with the new addition.  The Redskins gain and elite playmaker who can diversify their offense. They add speed and a player who can make it happen around the line of scrimmage in the screen game or with end around, as well as a true weapon downfield. Desean Jackson can also provide inside knowledge on how the Eagle’s offense works. The Redskins will find this very helpful because they are division rivals. Jackson provides the Redskins with a dynamic receiver, one who can consistently threaten a defense deep. He also forces defenses to plan to stop him. Thanks to Jackson’s big-play ability, the Eagles led the league with 80 pass completions of 20 yards or more. The Redskins get Jackson on a contract that won’t cripple them in any way. With $16M fully guaranteed.

Desean Jackson running for the touchdown Photo by Manuel Balce Ceneta
Desean Jackson running for the touchdown
Photo by Manuel Balce Ceneta



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