John Wall vs. Kyrie Irving

John Wall and Kyrie Irving are both very young talented players. Only a few years ago John Wall was bringing up talks of being a draft bust but this year he has been doing very well. His team has improved tons and his situation in Washington has been cleaned up. Kyrie Irving started off his career very well and has lead his team each year but this season he has not been nearly as effective. People have said he has become too selfish but that could also be a big result of the bad environment they have in Cleveland and until Cleveland can improve their roster he may have to remain a bit more selfish.

John Wall is having a very good season. He is a very selfless player and can make his teammates better. He has a physical advantage over Kyrie Irving. He is two inches taller and has incredible speed. He is also a much better finisher at the rim. John Wall is a tremendous leader and playmaker which good take him far in the NBA.

Kyrie Irving is also an extremely good player. He is a better scorer and shooter than John Wall but Kyrie needs to become a better leader. Kyrie is outstanding on the perimeter and was awarded All Star Game MVP. The biggest thing for Kyrie is his lack of leadership. John Wall has already gone through the tough times and has grown into a leader. Although i believe John Wall is having a better season this year, if Kyrie is able to do the same I think he will become a better player in the long run. Comment below who you think will be better long term.

Both of these videos are from the NBA youtube channel at


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